Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Update time, still living with PCOS

Hi All,

It's been over a year since I first posted on here, so I thought it was about time for an update.  Just rereading what I wrote over a year ago, still to this day makes me cry.  Tears of happiness of course, I remember sitting in that doctor's office and finally having that feeling that I was not on my own, and I was not the only one with these feelings and issues.  That is why I have made this blog, because I have realised that not everyone has the same supportive friends and family that I have, so this is me offering an ear for listening and a shoulder to lean on.  I believe that everyone needs a supportive place where they can feel safe to share, and that they have a support person who knows what they are going through.  So if you need someone like that, I want you to know that I am here, and I will always be here for you.

So update time, I am still at Uni, I am almost finished, YAY :).  But besides that, I am still on no medication, as I started to feel like the doctors here were blaming the PCOS on me, so I have decided to continue on my journey without them.  I am still losing weight, slowly of course. The acne and facial hair are still present, but not stopping me from living my life, the way I want to.  I have come back out of my shell and enjoying my time with friends at uni.  I still have to remind myself that I am not controlled by my PCOS, but I control it, and I am going to live my life the way I want too.

So that's me for today, I know short but sweet, hopefully. :)

Just remember it's your life, and you choose how to live it.

Love Laura

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

PCOS and my life with it.

Hi All,

I don't know if anyone will ever read this, but I feel like making a place where people like me can talk freely about anything and everything.  Well to start at the beginning, I have never had regular/normal periods, I had more facial hair then any of the boys my age growing up but when I was 17, one night I was in the worst pain of my life.  I had previously ruined ligaments in my knee (and I thought that was bad), this pain was so much worse, I was physically being sick and unable to sit up by myself.  So the next day I went to the doctors and begged for a reason for this pain.  I was sick of all the pain (physically, and emotionally from being overweight, and not fitting in with all the other girls) and not knowing what was wrong with me.  After many blood tests and doctors visits, my doctor (who was lovely, and was the first to notice the many symptoms) sat my mum and I down in her office and told me I had all the symptoms and the blood test results to back her diagnosis of PCOS, I also remember her telling me that I had triple the amount of testosterone in my body, then most boys my age.  I don't remember much else of that visit.

After she put me on medication to help, I noticed a vast improvement in the amount of facial hair I had. It was reduced in the amount and the hair was not as dark as it once was.  It was not all gone, by no stretch of the imagination.  When I moved away from home for Uni (2010), the PCOS was under control, well not completely, but the medication was still working, I was for once in my life able to live my life and not have to play the guessing game with my periods, I finally knew when they where coming and I was still able to hang out with and have fun with my friends, as I was not at home curled up in bed with a hot water bottle.

That was until my 2nd (2011) year at uni when my new doctor at uni, decided to take me off Ginet and put me on a beta blocker.  This did not help me at all,  I now had the facial hair coming back even thicker than it was to start with, it was also becoming darker again, and now the acne was also starting to rear its ugly head.  This was the time I felt the worst (emotionally) I climbed back into my shell, and started hiding away.  At the start of my 3rd year, end of the 2nd year, I made the decision, with the help of my family and their amazing support, that I was not going to let PCOS control my life.  So I started hanging out with friends more, making new friends and enjoying my life at uni, well thats what uni is meant to be about after all.  In August of my 3rd year (2012), I meet a lovely nurse and physiotherapist who were very keen to become my support system at uni and helped me and continue to help on my journey with PCOS.  Thanks to their help I have lost 7kgs between then and March of this year (2013).

I know this is a long post, but I felt like it was time to get this off my chest and share with people out there, both young and old, who are living with PCOS.  I say living with, because I don't see us as suffers because I believe that we should not let PCOS define/rule us, or our lives.

It has now been 5 years since my diagnosis, and every day I am still affected by PCOS, but I am no longer letting it control me and the decisions I make.  I also want people out there, especially young girls who have just found out they are living with PCOS, to know that you are not alone, and that with the right medication and life choices, life can become enjoyable again.

Thanks for reading, keep enjoying life

Love Laura